How to Find the Best Cannabis Provider For Your Needs

When it comes to finding the best cannabis distributor, you may find that you are limited based on your location or circumstance. For example, if you need a certain strain of medical cannabis to treat a medical condition, you may have to find approved distribution channels in your area in which to get the plants you need. Or, you might live in a town that doesn’t have a distribution center and people obtain cannabis illegally. So if you are in the market for cannabis, here is how you can find the best provider for your needs regardless of your location.

Talk to Others Who Buy Cannabis

You might want to ask what everyone else is doing. In this case, if everyone is jumping off the bridge, you might want to tag along. There’s only one way to find out for sure though - you’ll need to try a few places to find out which one works with your needs and lifestyle. For example, if the distributor leaves three towns over and you need to drive there twice a month to get your supply, it might be worthwhile to inquire about delivery options the distributor offers. Even if they don’t offer delivery at this time, if enough people inquire about it from your area, they may be interested in starting up a delivery service. With legalisation taking hold in a lot of places, access to cannabis is growing so you won’t have to wait too long to find what you need closer to home.

Shop Around

While you might not love the idea of ordering cannabis online for the first time, it is a growing trend that many people are taking advantage of - especially people in small, rural areas that don’t have access to wide distribution channels. Of course, if cannabis is still illegal in your area, it is going to be exponentially harder to get it delivered to your PO Box. Not impossible of course, but you might need to search around for a distributor who is willing to ship the product directly to you. Don’t leave anyone out - there are online distributors popping up everyday right now.

Ask About Quality

You might think it is kind of silly to inquire about quality control and guarantee of product, but rest assured that the cannabis industry is massive and legit. That means that there are controls in place to grow, harvest, prepare, store, sell, and deliver cannabis in North America. And while the laws are playing catch up to what much of the market has going on already, there are still controls that grow operators have put in place for themselves to ensure a good product. That’s Sales101 - good product means repeat customers, right? So check around to find out about the level of control and quality measures that are used in the cannabis you wish to purchase.

Delivery Method

If you are going the online route, you’ll want to inquire about delivery methods. For example, if you don’t want your mailman or neighbours knowing you buy cannabis online, or have it shipped from three towns over, you’ll want to request special packaging or unmarked packaging. If you’ve ever had rodents in your home and thought twice about calling an exterminator because the big Orkin truck would be sitting in your driveway for a few hours, and all of your neighbors would know you had mice, you know what we’re talking about. Not that there is any shame in buying cannabis online or from a distributor; but if you have nosey neighbors or live in an apartment where this kind of thing might be frowned upon, doing your due diligence can save you a lot of headaches and hassle from people you don’t really care to please anyway.

Easy Reordering

If you are seeking a cannabis distributor for medical purposes, you’ll want to find out about reordering and re-supply. For instance, does the distributor provide automatic refills and direct delivery to your door, or do you need to call and order a new supply every few weeks. You’ll also want to consider if your doctor needs to write a new prescription every few weeks or months, or can it be refilled on an ongoing basis? Finally, you may once again be limited in where you can buy your cannabis because of medical reasons - some distributors are approved for medical distribution while others are not yet ready to offer those services, and maybe never will. If you are looking for an online headshop that offers supplies and the tools you need, you’ll want to be sure to check to see if your prescription covers the cost of any of those supplies - some insurance companies will pay for consumption tools.

Whether you want to buy cannabis for recreational purposes or for medical treatment, doing your homework ahead of time can help you find the right cannabis distributor for your needs. Don’t forget to look at shop ratings and customer reviews about the product, as well as the service. Nobody wants to buy cannabis from something they don’t like doing business with - it’s the same reason there are numerous cell phone companies! There is something for everyone in the cannabis distribution world, so take your time to find the product and supplier you need so that you don’t find yourself coming up short, or going without much-needed medical cannabis supplies.

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